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About us

We are a distributor of construction, insulation, packaging and automotive materials (wheel arches, engine covers) established in 2009

  • In the construction and insulation materials field we specialize in the distribution of Styrmann EPS foam, XPS extruded polystyrene, PE polyethylene foams, expansion joint tapes, radiator screens and screws, plugs and angles made by WKRĘT-MET.
  • In packaging materials, we specialize in the distribution of bubble wrap, packing tapes, stretch wrap, flap cartons, bubble envelopes and technical foams, among others.
  • In automotive materials, we specialize in the distribution of engine covers and wheel arches.

Our experienced experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and their applications and will help you choose the right insulation or packaging materials.

In order to obtain a quotation and detailed information about the offered assortment, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. Please send your questions in English or Polish at email:


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Standard two-ply wrap with a thickness of 40 microns with a 10 mm diameter bubble and roll length of 70 rm. The bubble wrap is effectively used to pack furniture, glass and ceramic ware, fittings, white goods and electronic appliances. On customers request, we are able to prepare bubble wrap of width up to 300 cm and roll length up to 600 m.



Two-ply wrap with a thickness of 60 microns with a 10 mm diameter bubble and roll length of 70 rm.

BKS BUBBLE WRAP - three-ply with large bubble.

Three-ply wrap with a thickness of 120 microns, bubble diameter of 3 cm and roll length of 50 rm


Two-ply wrap with a thickness of 40 microns with a 10 mm diameter bubble and a roll length of 70 rm with a black dye additive. It is ideal for securing goods before shipment. Thanks to the black dye, it can be an alternative to stretch film.

B1 S. BUBBLE WRAP Antistatic

Two-ply wrap with a thickness of 40 microns with a 10 mm diameter bubble and roll length of 70 rm. Provides excellent protection of electronic products against static charges as well as shocks and impacts.

B3LDK 'Goldstick' BUBBLE WRAP with adhesive

Two-ply wrap with adhesive on one side, thickness of 75 microns with a 10 mm diameter bubble and roll length of 50 rm. Thanks to its unique application, the GOLDSTICK wrap replaces traditional materials such as stretch wraps and adhesive tapes in the packaging process, while providing full protection for fragile items in shipment.



Three-ply wrap with UV additive, thickness of 120 microns, bubble diameter of 3 cm and roll length of 50 rm. The UV wrap is designed to cover tunnel structures in order to accelerate the growth of plants and to protect them from the harmful effects of atmospheric factors.


Bubble envelopes

Type of envelopes. Internal dimensions. Quantity in package.

Bubble envelopes with self-adhesive white strip with a paper weight of 80g/m2. They are an ideal protection for shipped products, protecting them from damage. They are made of high quality paper, while inside they are filled with bubble wrap for extra security during shipping. The error tolerance in the envelope dimension is +/-3%.


Packing tapes with acrylic glue

Colour. Dimensions. Number of pieces in the box.

Transparent. Brown. Blue. Orange. Yellow. Green. Red. Black White.


Packing tapes with rubber glue

“SMART" packing tapes with acrylic and rubber glue used primarily for taping cartons, wraps and packages by both manual and automatic methods. They are ideal for home, office and warehouse applications.


Specialist tapes

Painting tape. Double-sided foam tape.

“SMART" specialist tapes are ideal for renovation, finishing and construction works.


Stretch wraps

Wrap type, weight, colour, sleeve, stretch wrap without sleeve,

Stretch wrap with a width of 50cm, thickness 23MY and guaranteed extensibility 160%. Ideal for securing both palletised goods and flap cartons. The wrap provides protection against mechanical damage as well as dirt and wetting. Thanks to its use, the packages are not only better protected but also look more aesthetic. Tolerance for weight difference is +/- 3%


Flap cartons

Weight, size.

Cartons made of cardboard with a weight of 340g/m2 and B-wave. The cartons are distinguished by their excellent quality, perfect for securing shipments, during removals as well as for storing things at home.


Custom-size flap cartons

Thanks to many years of cooperation with the largest carton manufacturers in Poland, we are able to prepare cartons to special orders. For a detailed quote, please contact us by e-mail or phone.


PE polyethylene foams

Thickness, width, length, colour.

Yellow and blue, multicoloured.

Foamed polyethylene insulation material used in many areas of the construction industry. Thanks to its closed structure, the polyethylene foam is perfect both as thermal and acoustic insulation of ceilings, laid under floating floors and under floor panels.

In the case of foams with smaller thicknesses, they are used to pack a wide range of products requiring special protection. They are perfect for protecting delicate surfaces, eliminating scratches, dents and protecting against moisture.

On request we are able to prepare polyethylene foams in other colours and dimensions.


Expansion joint tapes

Expansion joint tapes with LDPE film

Expansion joint tapes made of high quality polyethylene foam. They are used in the construction of multilayer floors; they protect circumferentially the surfaces of cast flooring.

The expansion joint tapes fill expansion gaps in buildings, tunnels, underground passages, bridges and roads

On request we are able to prepare expansion joint tapes in other widths and colours.


Techfoam foam with a density of 27 kg/m3 perfectly absorbs all impacts and protects against mechanical damage. The foam is easy to cut with an ordinary knife, which allows to obtain any shape to protect an unusual product.

On request we are able to prepare technical foams in other colours.


Foam mattresses and tourist mats

Pink and grey, Blue and pink, Black and red, with metallised laminate

The main advantage of our foam mattresses is that they are lightweight, aesthetic, do not absorb water and have excellent insulating properties. The mattresses are available in different colours and can be rugged with a layer of metallic laminate.  They are used during trainings, outings, protecting the body against abrasions and bruises during exercises and during rest.

On request we can prepare mattresses in other colours.


Mats and foams made to size

As a market-leading distributor of polyethylene foam mats and mattresses, we are able to prepare them to size. Please contact us for details and pricing.


Radiator screens / Foams with aluminium film for insulation

Thick polyethylene foam laminated on one side with metallized film. It is ideal for insulating walls, ceilings and doors and for protecting the wall behind the radiator from heat escaping.

On request, we are able to prepare radiator screens in other dimensions.


PS3 foam

PS3 foam is a thin-walled thermal insulation screen made of closed-cell polyethylene foam, covered on both sides with highly effective, reflective aluminium film. The foam prevents heat loss in rooms and increases the energy efficiency of the entire building.

On request, we are able to prepare PS3 foam in other dimensions.


EPS polystyrene granulate

Type. Quantity.

045 facade polystyrene granulate characterized by even, round balls with a diameter from 3mm to 6mm. The granulate is ideal as a filler, e.g. for pouffes, sofas, structural voids, ceilings, ceiling roofs and wall slants. Our granulate is free of pollution and harmful substances.


Cardboard tubes

Tube diameter.

76mm diameter cardboard tubes. They are ideal for packing and securing items that can be rolled up, e.g. maps, posters and long and narrow items such as fishing rods. Cardboard tubes are also used as a base for winding wraps, foams and various types of fabrics.


Bubble film bags

Our bubble film bags are manufactured in the sizes you expect, from two- or three-ply film, packed loose or wound on a roll after perforation


PE foam spacers

On a special order, we are able to prepare the spacers from the polyethylene foams we offer, tailored to the expectations of our customers.


Bubble film sleeves and half-sleeves

Our bubble wrap sleeves are made by heat-sealing the film on both sides, making them ideal for securing longitudinal objects. The half-sleeves, on the other hand, are sealed on one side only, so they are used to pack products of irregular dimensions. Sleeves and half-sleeves are wound on rolls of length 50 and 100 m. The dimensions and weights of our sleeves and half-sleeves are adapted to the needs of our customers.


Styrmann EPS foams

Thickness range, polystyrene edge. Smooth. Milled.

EPS foam from the renowned manufacturer Styrmann. In our rich offer you will find EPS foams for parking lots, floors, roofs, facades or ceilings. The EPS foam from Styrmann is ideal for both indoor and outdoor insulation of houses, garages and production floors. Our offer includes, among others, graphite, acoustic and waterproof polystyrene foams, with thicknesses from 10mm to 200mm both with smooth and milled edges.


XPS extruded polystyrene by GIAS and Ravatherm is a closed-cell insulation material created during the extruding process. This material is used to insulate floors, swimming pool bottoms, basement walls or floors, walls exposed to water, terrace roofs and roof type parking lots.


Density. Number of panels per package.


Reinforcement net

Flush-mounted reinforcement net with a weight of 145 gr/m2. Used for reinforcement of facade mortars in thermal insulation systems.


Corners with mesh

Corners with mesh are used to protect corners in thermal insulation systems based on EPS foam and wool. They can also be used wherever there is a need to strengthen and secure wall corners.


EPS foam mill

EPS foam wedges cut out in any size (limited only by block size 5m x 1.20m x 1m). Designed for the insulation of roofs with different slopes.


EPS dowels

Plastic dowels for fixing EPS foam in all substrates according to ETAG 014, in ETICS systems. Thanks to the innovative design of the spreading zone, the dowels can be installed in all substrate categories while maintaining high strength parameters. The dowel pins are reinforced with fibreglass for high strength during assembly.


EPS plugs

EPS plugs are used to protect the dowel pin head so that no so-called thermal bridge is created in the place of its placement. Used for insulation of residential buildings, also applied in energy-saving and passive houses. Our range includes polystyrene plugs in white and graphite.



Decorative board - Fasatta

Wall decorative boards ideal for facades and interior walls. Fasatta boards are distinguished by their flexibility, resistance to impact, discoloration and weather conditions. The board thickness is about 3mm. The size of one board is 2600x160mm.


Our range also includes the necessary materials for the assembly of Fasatta boards, such as:

FST-11 adhesive  

FST-12 acrylic clear coat for outdoor use

Varnish stain, acrylic finish stain


Plate screws

Product code

Structural carpentry screw from the renowned company Wkręt-met with plate head and TORX socket for structural connections of wooden elements, e.g. for solid wood and wood-based panels, counter-battens and battens, slats and wooden finishing elements.


Cone screws

Structural carpentry screw from the renowned company Wkręt-met with conical head and TORX socket for structural connections of wooden elements, e.g. for solid wood and wood-based panels, slats and wooden finishing elements, furniture and garden architecture.


Farmer screws - roof screws

Farmer self-drilling screws with EPDM washer made in zinc coating for fastening metal sheets, roof tiles and flashings to wooden substrates. Lacquered farmer screws available in RAL colour palette.


Quick-mounting dowels

Quick-mounting dowel for driving in, from the renowned manufacturer Wkręt-Met Klimas, is ideal for the assembly of wooden and wood-like elements, wall profiles in ceiling and plasterboard wall constructions, skirting boards


Phosphated screws- for wood

– for metal

– micro-size and self-drilling

Phosphated screws from the renowned manufacturer Wkręt-Met, for fixing plasterboard to wooden and metal substrates inside buildings. The screws have exceptional tear strength - almost 5.5 times higher than standard requirements


Pressed reinforced carpentry angle - three-dimensional nailing plate designed for making carpentry joints. To mount the plate you can use shank connectors such as nails, screws, corrugated nails, rafter nails and bolts.


ES flat hanger from the renowned manufacturer Wkręt-met, used as a fastening element for type CD 60/27 steel sections in gypsum plasterboard lining structures of walls and ceilings.


Rafter connector

Three-dimensional rafter connector from the renowned company Wkręt-met designed for making carpentry joints. The rafter connector is ideally suited for installation with shank connectors such as nails, screws, corrugated nails, rafter nails and bolts


Engine guards and car wheel arches

We offer a wide range of wheel arches and engine guards for practically all makes and models of cars. The products we sell are high quality alternatives made of PVC and ABS materials. Our guards and wheel arches are ideally fitted to the vehicles - they are robust and easy to mount.

In order to obtain detailed information about the offer of wheel arches and car engine guards, please contact us by e-mail or phone.